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August 23rd, 2020 - Production Update

Updated: Aug 24, 2020


Since June, post-production has been rapidly underway. As you all know, we were delayed from March through mid-May because the health crisis impeded raising the additional money needed to complete the film.

We're past that hurdle and I have a lot to share over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for your patience.

This week we're covering the sound design. During early August, I sat with Charlie, the sound designer (he's the composer too) and watched half the film with the non-diegetic sound design- it blew my mind. It was as if I had finally found the other half of the movie. Here are some shots of the studio.

Non-diegetic sound are sounds that don't originate within the world of the film. These are all the spooky sound effects that create mood and suspense. What this doesn't include are sounds like footsteps, doors closing, etc. That step of the post audio process will begin in roughly two weeks.

One interesting thing we were able to do is take apart a 100-year old piano and use it to record some creepy sounds and music. Here is a video I put together for all of you to watch.

I hope you enjoyed the video. That's all for this week but more updates are on the way in a week or two concerning the pick up shots, the visual effects and the final bit of casting we did for all of the off-screen character voices.


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