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February 09, 2020 - Production Update

Hello! Christopher made us a poster. Below you'll find several color variants of the same design plus a wide version which would be used on a billboard, a magazine spread or if requested that way online. Use the file numbers if you want to refer to one or have a favorite. Just a quick side note, I got Chris's website wrong in the last post. This is his current one:

Here is my pick of the variants. It is File 02 with the Title and Billing Block.

If you look closely, you can spot skulls and skeletons among the puzzle pieces. Also, the puzzle pieces are significant in the story both literally and symbolically.

Based on his viewing of the film and our conversations, here is Chris's concept in his own words:

"The central theme is him, listening and facing the window, THE window, and his figure exists within his adopted childhood bedroom, with drawings and bits from his previous locked in room in the killing house. A room, within a room, within a room, with the window his only doorway."

Here is the wide version with the Title and Billing Block. It is File 06.

Here is File 02 clean without the title or block.

And File 06 clean.....

Here is File 01, a closer view of Winters but I miss the feeling of his being captive in a space in Files 02 and 06.

Here is File 03. I like the noir feeling it has.

File 04.

And File 05. This is the only color scheme I don't like. The blues feel a bit overpowering to me.

I like 02 and 06 the best. I explained the meaning of the color green in the film to Chris - it represents mental illness, stasis and decay -and I love how they tie into that.

Please feel free to tell me any thoughts you have and which ones you like best. Although, I'll probably use 02 and 06 as the primary posters, all of them will probably be used to a certain degree, especially online in social media, ads, etc.

I'll be sending another update soon. All the best!


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